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Unhappy Mazda Probs

I have a 1989 Mazda 626 LX, 5 door, with 251,700 miles on it. It has a 4 cylinder, 2.2L engine without turbo. My ex-husband had a car alarm with engine kill installed in 1996 that doesn't sound anymore but will still prevent the car from starting when it's activated. I have considered having it disconnected but haven't because the place that installed it wants $45 to do it.
My biggest problem with the car, at this point, is that I have trouble starting it. I will tell you what happens and what I have done to try to fix it and hopefully you can tell me what I am missing.
First, when I turn the key, I can hear a single click but the motor does not turn over. The fan, radio, headlights and interior lights work fine while this is happening. Occasionally, if I turn the key enough times, the motor will start. Most of the time, I need a jump from a running vehicle.
What have I done?
I have replace the starter twice since January 2nd with remanufactured ones purchased from NAPA.
I have replaced the positive cable, all the way from the starter to the battery, including the pigtail.
I have replaced the two year old battery that was in the vehicle with a brand new one (630 cold cranking amps) and needed a jump 2 days later!
I disconnected the cooling fan on the outside of my radiator because I noticed it wasn't turning and thought it could be draining the battery.
I have replaced the thermostat because I was told that it may be causing 'vaporlock' that was preventing the car from starting. *Although the car has the problem whether it's the first start of the day or I've been running around.
I got the alternator tested and it is putting out 13.6 volts while the vehicle is running. *I also did the old standby test of removing the neg. cable while the car was running to see if the car died. It didn't.
Gave the car a tuneup in January, before getting the starter, which included replacing all four spark plugs (gapped at .040), replacing all five wires, the distributor cap and rotor.
I think that's all I have done - so far.
Let me say that each thing that I have done, allows the car to start fine for a couple of days and then I go right back to the same problem. I am a single mother of 3 teen girls, trying to make it on $1000 a month and this is our ONLY mode of transportation.
Can anyone please tell me how I can correct this problem once and for all? *Killing the car and getting a new one is not an option (LOL)
Thanx for taking the time...
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check your battery cables at the battery for any corrosion or looseness and clean or tighten if necassary also check your ground cable to ensure it is tight at the engine
you may have a drain on the system which would explain why it starts when you jump start it, may want to take it to a shop so it can be checked for a draw that would cause the battery to go dead.
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Try tapping the starter...

If you tap the starter with a bar or a small hammer it may start. The only problem is that the starter for this auto is behind the middle of the engine. Being that it is an 89 I sure would say that is the problem. I replaced my wifes about 6 months ago and she has a 92 with 150,000 miles. If it starts with a tap then you will need to replace it very soon.. Cost will be about $300 to $400 if done by a shop.

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