'91 Cavalier Brakes don't work.


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bow in hollow grain

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Question '91 Cavalier Brakes don't work.

Ok here's the deal!

My brakes don't work when my car is on. i have no pressure now, but did at one time when the car is off.

My dad and i have switched master cylinders twice, fixed a flex hose, bled four times, bled the master twice ( once the wrong way, once the right way.)
The bummer part is that we can only bleed one line correctly. the two fronts are broken off, the right back, we broke off, OOPS! we think there is air in the line. how can we fix my car if bleeders are gone and we can't use Easy-outs to budge them? Oh yeah, the drums were adjusted and the caliphers were checked, and are working now. Can anyone help us???? I just want my car back.
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you will likely have to replace the calipers and wheel cylinder with the broken bleeder screws remanufactured calipers are not that expensive for that car neither is the wheel cylinder and is about the only way you will ever be able to get the air out of the brake system.
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Thank You!

I'm surprised for a quick reply! I just talked to a mechanic too and you guys say the same thing. So, tomorrow i get to replace the caliphers and wheel cylinder. Quick question, how hard will it be to get the wheel cylinder out if the bleeder is so rusted onto the whell plate? thanks again for conforming
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it probably wont be very difficult to remove the wheel cylinder especially if it is bolted to the backing plate which I believe it is on this model some use clips that hold them into the backing plate that can be difficult to install.
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bejay is right - bolt-in cylinders on that model. As far as the broken bleeder goes, it has to come out to remove and install anyway.
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well, my car is coming along slowly. I got new caliphers and put them on. my dad and i started to bleed. my drum is off and is waiting for me to try to remove the brake line. i'm a tad worried about it braking off but i've been PB Blasting it for awhile. thank you for all the advice. You were right about the cylinder, it was two funky bolts and i just poped them loose. Thanks again. hopefully after bleeding my brakes the right way i will be on my way!

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