Aluminum Wheels


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Aluminum Wheels

A friend recently purchased a Hyundai Elantra. Going over his recent purchase, he explained that he bought extra wheel coverage, which will provide free wheel replacement should a rim become damaged.

I told him that that the extra wheel coverage was a smart move, especially since aluminum wheels can rust, if their protective coating is removed.

He responded with 'aluminum doesn't rust'. I'm stumped; he's right.

Is the clear coat applied, only to protect the aesthetics of the wheel? Can an aluminum wheel rust away?

Thanks in advance.

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yes aluminum doesnt rust however it does discolor and even pit from different elements reacting with the aluminum any coating would likely help prevent this from happening for awhile. and it usually doesnt pose a problem if the wheels are cleaned often enough.
I doubt that extra coverage will ever be used unless a rim gets bent.
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I'm curious what the cost of the coverage was; significantly LESS than the actual cost of a replacement I would hope?
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Also keep in mind that there's more than one type of finish for aluminum wheels. They may have some type of protective coating, powder coating, or like my Dakota, may actually be painted and clear coated similiar to the body.
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Also aluminum wheels require special balancing weights. Regular weights can cause electrolisis which over tile will cause pitting under the weight. The next time the wheels are balanced and the weights are removed the pitting will show.
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Thanks guys, for the heads up .

I think that the coverage cost $350 for five years' worth of insurance. Not a bad deal, especially up in the northeast, where salt and/or potholes kill wheels.
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Personally I think it's not necessary, just another money maker. I just got rid of my 92 Dakota a year ago and the aluminum wheels were still very close to new condition, and I live in NH.

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