Plymouth Voyager Stalling/putting


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Plymouth Voyager Stalling/putting

I've got an 1989 plymouth voyager se turbo. 2.5 engine. For a while spratically it will act like it's going to stall when you start it. A few times when it did this, the van would have no power when the gas pedal was floored. We changed the fuel filter and muffler recently. Any thoughts on what to try next?
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If it's been awhile a major tuune up won't hurt.Are there any codes stored in the engine computer?Turn the key on and off 3 times and leave it in the on position the check engine or power loss light will flash.Flash pause flash,flash would be code #12.
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Yes still having the same problem.....Code 12 did just come up. Also just replaced the spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor......seems to only act up when it's moist outside....could be a coincidence.

I'll keep you posted. I'll check back for some more advice. Do you think the fuel injectors are going bad or maybe they are plugged?

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