RE:Need Location Of Radiator Fan Relay For 2000 Plymouth Voyager


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Question RE:Need Location Of Radiator Fan Relay For 2000 Plymouth Voyager

Hi All,

I have the same exact problem, the radiator FANs are running all the time till the BATTERY goes dead, even when the engine is off.Can anyone tell me where it is located or what the trouble might be.I have been down to the local dealer and they showed me the physical part ( The Electronic Relay ) they refused to give any info where it's located.This costs around $68.00 and only be gotten by a dealership. Can anyone help????.
Thank You,

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should be on located low on the drivers side inner fender very close to the radiater and is easier to access from underneath the van.
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Two locations.

It is not actually a relay. It is a module that not only controls turning the fans on and off but the speed as well by using duty cycle. That's why it is so expensive. One thing for sure is the module is most likely your problem. I have replaced a countless number of these.

The first location is where bejay said..on the inner fender by the bottom of the radiator on the driver's side.

On the later models Chrysler moved it to a new spot. If you remove the driver's side headlight you will find it bolted right underneath. It is still easy to access.

Good luck,

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