Brakes - Broke


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Brakes - Broke

I have a 93 Geo that has over the past few weeks developed some brake problems. I first noticed a reduced braking efficiency, not allowing me to cause the brakes to lock up even with maximum pedal pressure. (Not ABS System) I took the wheels off and found the rear brakes were getting thin so I replaced them. -No Change-

Since the pedal felt a little spongy and it had been some time since I replaced the fluid, I bled and flushed all 4 wheels with new clean fluid and checked for leaks or binding at wheel cylinders. -No Change- I had not been loosing any fluid.

The pedal still fells mushy and braking is still poor. I took it to two brake shops and one said it was normal (not) and the other said re-bleed brakes. I did today no air and no fix.

Pumping peddel makes no difference and actually pedal is at the normal height for start of braking pressure. Tested power assist unit via shop manual and it seems to be OK as well.

Any ideas from you guys?

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could be the master cylinder starting to go out.
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Adjust the rear shoes?

It sound like the rear shoes are out of adjustment to me. When you put on the new shoes are you sure you have them adjusted properly?

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