89 Merc Tracer won't move


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89 Merc Tracer won't move

89 Merc Tracer(aka Mazda 323 4 door hatch back). Clutch cable,and throwout fork working. Shifter is working,but with car running I can shift through every gear without using the clutch. also without any grinding of gears. Car was operating great. Wife pulled up to a red light, pushed in the clutch,and stopped the car. When the light turned green she let out the clutch, and the car did't move. There was no grinding,popping,or crunching. The transaxle didn't leave a puddle. This is a 5 speed manual transaxle. I cannot find a book on this car. It is considered a mutt. From 89 to 90 it modeled the Mazda 323. after that it was the same as an Escort.
I'm no dummy around cars,but this one has me baffled.
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You likely have an internal transmission failure but first eliminate an external possibility of a bad C/V joint. Have someone put it in first gear and let the clutch out. Now, carefully look under the car to see if the inboard C/V is turning on either side. If it is, you have a bad axle, if not, take it to a trans shop for diagnosis.

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