89' 626 Starting Problem


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89' 626 Starting Problem

My 1989 Mazda 626 has been failing to start on me lately - sometimes it starts right up, sometimes it doesn't and I'm going nuts trying to figure out what the problem is.

Sometimes I have full power (headlights, radio, interior lighting) and I'll turn the key and get nothing (no clicks, nothing...) and the power seems to remain constant. Other times when I turn the key all my power goes out, I hear the solenoid click and there is a huge spark on my positive battery post and the car fails to start. And sometimes the power is really weak and my lights will fluctuate from being dim to bright, going in and out.

I've had the battery and the starter tested and they seems to be ok, and I thouroughly cleaned my battery posts and connections yet I am still having the same problems.. Any ideas?? Please help!!
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The symptoms you described initially point towards either a loose connection or bad cable. The spark is most likely caused because the starter is demanding more amps from the battery than the circuit will allow because there is some resistance(corrosion or loose conection) at some point not allowing enough amps to get through.

Make sure battery cable connections are tight at both ends of the cables. If they are, replace both cables. They might be corroted on the inside, especially, if there was a lot of corrosion at the terminals before you cleaned them. Make sure the new cables are the correct gauge for your car. Apply dielectric grease to the battery terminals to prevent future corrosion.

Another thing to try is turn on the lights and wiggle each battery cable, bending the cable a little at different points all along the length of the cable and if the lights suddenly dim you will have found a bad point in the cable.

If none of the above helps, write back. It might be a bad ignition switch. Need to know if lights are dimming with key not in ignition switch or if it only happens with key in switch and turned to run or accessory or any other symptoms you might find, such as "lights only dim when radio is on".

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