1994 accord A/C problems, i think.


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1994 accord A/C problems, i think.

1994 accord, 4 cylinder, MT, 144,000 miles. i'll try to explain this as best as i can. if i'm cruising along (not stop and go traffic), the ac works ok. not great, but good enough to cool. if i get stuck in traffic, the ac will start blowing warmer and warmer air, then the car starts to overheat. when the compressor kicks in, the whole car shakes and the rpms drop so low that the car almost shuts off. the second i click off the ac, the shaking stops and the car starts to cool, slowly. if traffic starts moving again, the ac will start to get cooler and run ok. i'm not sure if the fan is coming on or not. not sure if this is an ac problem, or a cooling fan problem. any ideas?

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Sounds like a problem with the fan. It should run all the time with the A/C on. If the fan isn't working, be sure not to use the A/C until it's fixed. You can do a lot of damage to the A/C running it without the fan. The pressure skyrockets.
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i unplugged the power connection to the fan and jumped it to the battery with some wire. nothing. so i'm guessing the fan is shot....

thanks alot.

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