lifter tick

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lifter tick

I have 1992 plymouth grand voyageur 3.3 183,000miles,good oil press, no leaks,idles 800rpm. ENgine has valvetrain tick that fades in and out after it starts warming up. No tick when cold,constant when warmed up.Any ideas what to look for when I open it up?THANKS
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I have had good luck with adding a quart of Rislone in place of a quart of oil at oil change time to quiet lifters that are ticking due to varnish build up.
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high mileage 3.3's usually develop a pretty loud timing chain noise, that can sometimes sound like a few bad lifters all at the same time. this noise will get louder the hotter the engine gets.

lifters can also make this noise, but, to replace them, the cylinder head has to come off. there is no way to remove them with a simple intake manifold removal.

on the rarest occasion, the rocker shaft tower will break off of the cylinder the head, and that noise can sound like just about anything, from a lifter tick to a bad rod bearing. removing the rear valve cover will show this real quick(it always breaks near #1 cylinder).

as far as repairs, i feel this engine is pretty easy to work on, i'd rather do a timing chain than lifters, but pulling the heads is easy (for me) too. set aside a good long weekend, and have plenty of room to work and spread out the parts.

but before i did anything, i'd remove the serpentine belt after the engine warms up, and let it run for 20-30 seconds to see if the noise was still there or not. i've done quite a few water pumps, idler pulleys and let's not forget tensioners.

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