Audi A4 brakes


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Audi A4 brakes

I have a 96 Audi A4and am trying to change the rear brake pads. I have done this before myself and had no problems. This time, I cannot get the pistons to retract. These are the kind that rotates to retract. This time around, they simply wonít retract. I thought perhaps I was rotating them the wrong way and turned them counter-clockwise but they extended even more than when I first got the caliper off. I had the master cylinder replaced since the last time I did this and I wonder if the design has been changed so you canít do this unless you disconnect the brake line. Does anyone know what the problem is and how to solve it?
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You could (and should anyway if ABS equipped) open the bleeder while rotating the piston. Just remember to properly bleed the brakes when done. Otherwise, get yourself the tool for the job - AZ likely rents them. It compresses the piston as it turns.
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go to the forums and search, these guys know a ton about audis and they have a tech section to help you out.

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