f150 won't start


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f150 won't start

My 1996 Ford F150 4.9L, IL6 cylinder had a corroded positive battery connection. Needless to say it created power loss and my truck wouldn't start. Disconnected cable cleaned what I could to get decent connect and got it started. The positive terminal connection was trashed, replaced it with new cable starts right up about three or four weeks without hesitation. Then one morning on the way to work it hesitates and audibly starts a little slower than normal so I revved it a little thinking the battery may be a little low. (I have to turn headlights ON to start truck security sys. BS) When I leave work it started, but now a little slower. Afraid the new cable was corroded I looked under the hood when I got home and they still looked brand new and had no abnormal heat on battery or cables. It started three more times gradually getting slower. Now it won’t start. When I try, no sound the lights (ALL) just get dimmer. Even connected to a battery jumper nothing. Also checked the neg. terminal, cable, and connections to the body and engine. One thing I noticed while inspecting the battery was that although both terminals were nice and clean looking, but underneath the cap on the side closest to the positive lead there was white-ish corrosion around the three-hole plugs (in the bat. cap). I tried removing it cleanly away from the holes and off the battery. Once cleaned noticed the center hole was warped/sunken (a small amount) in about 35-40% of edge. Under cap neg side clean. Water levels fine. Still no start. checked fuel cut-off switch, fuses. Any ideas, suggestions, Help???
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My first suspect would be the battery, followed possibly by the alternator. You didn't say how old the battery is. I would remove the battery and take it to one of the major chains that will do testing for free (AutoZone, etc). Once you're sure you have a good battery you can procede from there to having the alternator tested if necessary.

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