Bypassing the AC Condenser w/Fan Belt.


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Bypassing the AC Condenser w/Fan Belt.

This is a 94 Ford F150 Pickup, 4.9 litre V-6 engine.
The AC compressor has frozen up and the engine has a serpentine belt w/tensioner.
I don't have the money to replace the compressor so I was told to measure the distance around the pulleys, etc, minus the compressor and buy a belt that matches. The measurement was 96" and I got the belt.
Once I re routed the belt I find that the belt is rubbing on the top of the condenser pulley. It is not a lot but enough that it will shred it pretty quickly.
I was told that I could just take the compressor off, tape up the exposed gas lines and be done with it.
Herein is where the problem lies. I can't find which bolts hold the compressor on the engine. Is is the ones that run parallel to the engine or the ones that look like they bolt into the bracket the AC compressor is mounted to?
Or,,,,,,,is there some "secret formula" the mechanics have to solve this problem?
I have tried to adhere to the "sticky" and have given all the information I can about the problem. Remember the part about being "Broke", OK?
Whether you can help me on this particular problem or not, thank you so much for this forum. It helps alot of us "broke" people out.
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I don't know if that truck was ever sold without air but if it was, you just order the non-air belt and look up the routing. Sometimes there's an extra idler pully but removing the compressor is an option. I think the compressor you use has 4 through bolts through ears on the compressor. That's not the greatest thing to do if you ever plan on repairing the system because the moisture will get into the system and do a lot of damage.
I'm not sure what's stopping you from just not turning the compressor on but another option, if the pully bearing is still good is to just remove the outer plate so the pully can freewheel without interference.
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I haven't been able to see any other tensioner other than the one on top. The clutch bearing must be rusted or something. The pulley won't turn at all whether the compressor is turned on or not. It is frozen in place. (It has been sitting up for a long time and that probably has something to do with it.)
I would love to just disingage the clutch but I can't see how to do it. Does it take some special tool or something? There are no obvious bolts to turn that I can see.
I hate that I have to expose the system to moisture but I see no other option unless you have another idea.
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you could try removing the clutch and pulley from the front of the compressor, and leave the compressor where it is. in the center of the clutch should be a bolt holding it to the shaft, a snap ring holding the pulley assy on the compressor, and either a snap ring or three bolts holding the coil on.

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