Apply brakes, vehicle shudders and pulls


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Apply brakes, vehicle shudders and pulls

I have a 1994 Chevy Beauville. It is a 1-ton van, a G30 equivalent. Whenever I try to slow from highway speeds, the van shudders and pulls to the passenger side. One mechanic told me that I needed to repair the 'Pittman' arm (whatever that is). Another mechanic told me that I had to replace both front rotors, calipers, and brakes hoses. Anyway to make sense of this?
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If the problem only occurs when braking, then that's where to start. The shuddering is the result of warped rotors, which could also very well be causing the pull, especially if you only notice the pull when braking from highway speeds. Calipers and hoses are also very possible, given the age and probable(?) higher mileage. Did either of these mechanics visually inspect the van? I'd wager one or both rotors have obvious heat cracks. FWIW, I've never seen or heard of a pitman arm (connects the steering linkage to the gearbox) causing a brake pull.
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I suspect the brakes are the problem here but the pitman arm has so much play in it that it's exxagerating the brake problem by giving it travel room. You'll problably have to do all of it.

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