corvette sat for 5 years. Need advice on starting engine


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corvette sat for 5 years. Need advice on starting engine

I have a corvette that has sat outside for 5 years in Miami, Fla.

I need some advice on how to prep the engine, so I can turn it over without doing any damage.

I know to replace fluids,hoses,etc. I'm concerned about lubrication in the motor.

Any advice would be appreciated!

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I think the bigger issue is going to be stale gas and the problems it's caused. As far as lubrication, just change the oil, remove the spark plugs and crank the engine for a minute of two to circulate some oil. If this is a carbuerated engine, I'll bet your going to have some problems with that.
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Another question!

I intend to drain the tank and I plan on replacing the carb.

I work for the railroad and run into alot of machinists.One in particular just had his"66 restored, what a work of art!

My motor only has 13,000 miles and the concern was the bearings. He suggested pulling the distributor and turning the oil pump.

Would it hurt to pour some mystery oil in the cylinders and turn the motor without the plugs?

Twenty years ago, I would have just cranked it! Now I"m having second thoughts!

Miami Joe
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if it was my car: i would put a ratchet on the front crankshaft bolt and slowly turn the engine around at least 2-3 times, with the spark plugs out and a good amount of oil in the cylinders. (then, pull the distributor and spin the oil pump)

why would i do this? i saw this same scenario once. after the car sat so long, one valve froze closed, which bent the pushrod while 'cranking' it, and popped the lifter out of it's bore. not only was it running real rough, but the oil pressure was near zero(until we took the intake manifold off, and fixed the pushrod and lifter). we eventually worked the valve loose too, with plenty of wd-40 and a soft hammer. had the valve frozen open, it surely would have bent from hitting the piston.

also, consider that the brakes are worthless too, before you even try driving on a public road. the pedal will be firm, but you will not stop it.

and yes, what was once gasoline in the tank, filter, lines and carb is probably a disgusting mess by now, especially in the hot weather. (the worst i ever saw looked like dried black paint in the float bowl that i had to chip out with a hammer and screwdriver).
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Thanks for the info!!!

I've had some bad experiences too!! That's why I wanted to get a second opinion.

The brakes are shot. They were sleeved 10 years ago, but all the fluid has leaked thru. I tried to bleed them 5 years ago and realized that they were shot.

I have alot of time now, so I plan to replace everything that's bad.

I figure 2 years to rebuild the car. I'll end up spending more than the car is worth(bluebook), but it was a great car and a lot of memories with it.

Miami Joe

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