Upper strut mount hints??


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Upper strut mount hints??

I have a 1988 Pontiac Grand Prix. The front upper strut mount on the passengers side looks badly worn and is making a lot of noise. Any special tips, hints or tricks before I attempt to replace it? It looks like I just remove the upper plate which is held on by 3 nuts, and then I remove the strut mount by unscrewing the big nut while holding the hex screw in place. Am i missing something or is it that easy? Thanks!!
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You really don't have typical upper mounts on that car. The plate is just a cover, under that is a locking cup, and under that is a bumper cushion. The bearing itself is built into the strut housing. It takes a special tool just to release the locking cup, and another to do the strut cartridge. I'm not sure what you're seeing that looks worn, except for maybe the bumper cushion. You should support the outer edge of the tire before you take anything apart also. The strut rod is the only thing holding the top of the suspension together. I usually jack it up, put a 2x4 under the outer half of the tire, and let it back down. If you're going to take this thing apart, get a good manual and the tools.
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You better look real close where the bottom of the spring sets on the strut that is usually where the noise comes from because they can rot out there.

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