94 Geo Prism computer/ABS


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94 Geo Prism computer/ABS

Have 94 Prism, 110,000 miles, vin 6. The ABS light came on last week and stays on. Owners manual says this means std brakes are ok, just ABS system is not working. My tech says the computer reads out every code in the book (I mean every code) - that it's probably the computer itself. Just got the car last winter for my new driver son - 2 questions:

Is the computer he's talking about just for diagnostics?

And, what are the ramifications of leaving as is (not replacing the computer) -

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The computer runs the abs system.It's possible that there is a power or ground problem for the Electronic Brake Control Module(computer as he called it).If you don't fix the only that will happen is abs braking will not function.On a car that year and mileage and model I personally would leave it alone and drive it as is.

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