Plymouth Voyager - no speedometer or shifting


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Plymouth Voyager - no speedometer or shifting

I have a 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager with 103K miles. I don't have any speedometer and it won't shift out of first gear. It does go in reverse. Any suggestions?
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It's probably a bad speed sensor. Since the TCM needs a speed input to know when to shift, that's a pretty good guess.
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Thanks for the information. I'm trying to find the speed sensor using a Chilton's book and can't locate it. I have a 3.0 V6 - any ideas? It seems to me like it should be part (or at least attached) of the transmission.

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i would first suggest you tell us if you have a 3 speed or 4 speed trans.
next, i would suggest you recycle your chiltons book in the nearest circular file.

based on both symptoms you have, i would make an educated guess that you have the 4 speed and your output speed sensor has failed, along with your check engine light which should be on and about 6-8 transmission codes stored by now.

the sensor should be under $30 at the dealer, and is very easy to replace. if you want to head off any future problems, you might want to purchase both, the input and output sensors as they are cast from the same mold if you catch my drift.

remove the air snorkel(two 10mm bolts and two hose clamps), then the air filter itself(another 10mm bolt) and you will clearly see both sensors on the front of the trans(pointing towards the front bumper). the input sensor is on the left, the output is on the right(looking down at the trans), the sensors are both a 1" socket, and cannot be interchanged(different thread pitch), you would have to try very hard to mix them up.

and if you have a 3 speed trans, you have bigger problems than this.

let us know

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