93 Ford probe help


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93 Ford probe help

does anyone know a trick to removing the altenator from the engine compartment after it has been taken off its mount. Ihave been struggling with this thing all day and its driving me nuts. First of all i could not get the darn thing off because the two bolts holding it on were rounded and after conquering that task i am left with an even more degrading one because now the altenator is off and i can move it around freely. Unfortunatly no matter what i try whether i go up or down there just doesnt seem to be any spot for it to come out. On top is the ac condensor and on the bottom it just hits the c.v. shaft. At first i though about removing the ac but this was quickly shot down when i realized it wont even fit between the block and firewall. So in my mind this only leaves the bottom which once again i dont see how but there has to be a way right? Anyway since i didn't mention it the probe is a 4-cylinder and any advice or comments would be appreiciated because i am at a serious loss. Thanks.

Dave, Michigan
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It's been a long time, but I think there's a crossmember that has to come out, and I'm also pretty sure that the exhaust (converter inlet) pipe has to be dropped. Not a fun one to learn on at all.
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93 Ford Probe Repair Manual

this will be a little long but it's from the Haynes Repair Manual : Remove the front transverse crossmember for access. On some models it may also be necessary to remove the forward section of the exhaust system.
Loosen the alternator adjusting bolt and pivot bolts, then detach the drivebelt. Remove the mounting bolts and separate the alternator from the engine. Make sure the numbers on the alternator (new one) is exactly the same as the old one. Many new/rebuilt alternators DO NOT have a pulley installed, so you may have to switch the pulley from the old unit to the new one. Hope this helps I have a 94 Probe and I hate it everytime I end up doing work on it because you almost have to take everything apart to get to anything. Good Luck.

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