Cavalier starting problem


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Question Cavalier starting problem

I have a 2000 chevolet cavalier 2.2L. My wife ran it out of gas, She thinks. She was driving down the freeway when the engine just stopped. I put 2 gal of gas in it but it still would not start. I was thinking that may be she plugged up the fuel filter by running the tank dry, so I changed the fuel filter. I can hear the fuel pump run when I turn on the key then shut of after a couple of seconds. I checked the spark plugs and they did spark, but I replaced them anyway. If I spay starter fluid into the air intake the engine runs for a moment then stops. It seems that I am still not getting any fuel to the engine. Any ideas? Sure could use the help. Thanks


St petersburg, fl
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Have you checked the fuel pressure to see if the gas is actually getting to the engine? I think Chevy was still using pulsation dampeners then and they are notorious for going bad. The pump could also be pumping the gas right back into the tank either from a leak at the pump inside the tank or with the pressure regulator stuck open.

Hope this helps,

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I took apart the fuel line at the injector rail and turned the key on, no fuel but the pump was running and it shut it self off after a couple of secs. So I guess it is the fuel pump.
Thanks for the help.

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