Geo engine in an airplane


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Question Geo engine in an airplane

I'm currently building a homebuilt bi-plane in my garage with a Geo 1.3 liter hanging on the front. It should work out really well with the fuel injector.

Ever since I moved the working engine from the test stand to the airframe I can't get the silly thing to start. It will crank over, but not start.

The engine gets spark but the fuel injectors won't open. A check of the injectors (with a noid light) show that they all open momentarily (once) when I begin to crank the engine but then remain closed.

I've replaced the ignitor and the ECM (ouch!). I traced all the wiring and it appears to be wired correctly.

Any ideas out here?
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what year model is this engine?
double check to make sure all grounds are hooked up.
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It is a 2000 Geo 1.3, using a 1995 Tracker 1.6 liter (vin 6) computer and distributor.

I've triple checked the grounds.

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