HOW to drain gas tank of '89 Toyota truck?


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Arrow HOW to drain gas tank of '89 Toyota truck?

I'm hoping someone can tell me the best way to drain approximately 11 gallons of OLD gasoline from the gas tank of a 1989 Toyota pickup truck. The truck has been sitting for 2 years. I can siphon it, but I'm not sure if that will get it all. If pulling the tank off the truck is the best idea, how difficult is that? Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks for your time.
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You should be able to siphon it down to a few gallons if you get the siphon hose positioned right [do NOT start the siphon by mouth]. Assuming the fuel pump is stilll good, you could open a fuel line and let it pump out the remainder. Just need to disconnect at a point where you will be able to catch the output without spraying it all over. Also you would need to stop pumping as soon as you ran out of fuel to avoid burning up the pump.

Is this a vehicle that will be running and driven again I assume? If so, I think I would not worry about draining it completely, but just siphon it as low as possible and then refill with fresh. Be sure to properly dispose of the old gas.
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a good way to siphon

I found a good way to siphon after having a few mouth fulls of gas
What you do is put the garden hose in the tank till you hear it hit bottom,next get a rag and wrap it tight around the hose and fill pipe next blow into the hose causing pressure in the tank. hold hose down so gas can start to flow.Do not suck on the hose gas does not taste good and I am sure it has some cancer causing agents just like everything else in the world.

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