88 Isuzu Trooper, Idle surging??


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88 Isuzu Trooper, Idle surging??

I have an 88 Trooper that's got an idle problem. It's the fuel injected 2.6 liter. When I come to a stop and push the clutch in the idle wants to jump from 1200-1800 rpms. If I tap the gas it will make it quit. If I leave it alone it will do it for a while and then settle out about 1400 or so rpms.

I bought the truck used with high miles on it. Not knowing the recent history I gave it a pretty good tune-up:

New: cap and rotor, fuel filter, air filter, o2 sensor, plugs and wires, all vaccum hoses.

Cleaned and tested: Egr valve, PCV vlave, thermal valve, throttle body, air flow sensor, the air intake tube had a hole in it, that has been repaired (plastic and epoxy). I also checked and lubed the throttle cable and made sure it wasn't sticking.

It's not giving any codes (I was thinking TPS) but it's not flagging anything. This really seems like it's sensor/computer related

I don't know what else to check, and I hate to take my truck to the shop. There are no good shops around here.

Any advice as to what else to check?
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Next thing to do would be make sure the coolant is all the way full and that you have no vacuum leaks present introducing unmetered air to the engine.
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In your opinion what is the best/easiest way to assure no vaccum leaks? I've gone the route of starting fluid before. It seems to me that it just makes rubber brittle.

I've heard of people using propane, I'm assuming they are using a small handheld torch and going around all the hoses and listening for changes in the idle?

Thanks for the reply,

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