Brakes 'Sticking'!


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Exclamation Brakes 'Sticking'!

I just get in the next day to drive on the way to work, and noticed the brake lights were still on after I got out to turn off the car. Well, I got back in to make sure it wasnt that switch that activates the lights up under the brake pedel. When I get in and start the motor, and press the brakes all the way, they stay stuck, and I have to PULL the pedel back up..and there is a little up movement when I do so, and the lights go out. But it doesnt do it when you have the car off..You can press as hard as you can, they wont stick...Its just while the motor is running. Sometimes after you pull-up the pedel, and apply the bakes again, theres a little stifness, then when you hit it again its normal...But the car stops fine, and the brake fluid levels are ok, and no leaks from the master.

Bad wheel cylinder, or master? Its rear wheel drive..81' olds Delta 88'. Ive had a master cylinder go out before..And the pedel goes to the floor, plus the brake light comes 'on'... This time niether happens. It stops normal

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Sounds like a bad booster to me.
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Originally Posted by davo
Sounds like a bad booster to me.

Is that difficult to replace? Isnt that the thingy behind the master-cylinder?
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Yep, it's the big round "thingy" behind the mas. cyl. Should be a pretty easy replacement on that car too. Disconnect the vacuum line, the two nuts holding the master, and then the booster has four studs running through the firewall with nuts above the brake pedal. Pushrod should be held to a stud on the brake pedal arm by a e-clip or spring clip. You should be able to move the mas. cyl. far enough out of the way without disconnecting the brake lines. You'll aslo have to readjust the brake light switch, some are mounted to the stud on the pedal arm.
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I wanted to ask something now that you guys mention the brake booster, I removed the vacuum line a few days ago, now I notice that my pedal is pulsating vibrating at the end when i am almost at a stop, what could have caused this?

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