Jeep wrangler oil pressure??


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Jeep wrangler oil pressure??

I have a 1991 Jeep wrangler 6cyl 5 sp. trans. that I change the oil & filter on and I am noticing that oil comes out the fill hole when the engine in run at running temps. Its not much, but enough to make me concerned. I replaced the filler cap with after market but it still leaks. any thoughts?
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Its possible the rocker arms could just be splashing it up onto the oil cap in which case the cap gasket is the problem. But since you put a new cap on the chance it is bad is low. Another problem Jeep has with the 4.0L is the PCV system. Is the air filter getting oily? Check the pcv lines and make sure they are all still in tact. (The hard plastic and soft rubber lines that 'plug' into the valve cover and the air intake.)

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Yes, I believe your right about the Jeep problem with 4.0 No, the air filter is not getting oily, however, the pcv contacts (rubber boots) on valve cover has a build up of some kind of gritty stuff (burnt oil?) and I cleaned the insides of both of them. Still don't know where to go from here. Possible rocker arm problem? If so, what? Could one be stuck, or something? Thanks for your reply, I'm new at this, so I hope I'm doing my reply correctly. Thanks again, Sicando

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