Coolant Problem


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Coolant Problem


It's a 92 Ford Escort. The coolant light comes very often! like, every 2 weeks! I have to keep filling it up! I took it to the mechanic for a pressure test, but they couldn't find the leak. I dunno wut could cause the problem, but I really don't want to fill up all the time. Any comment would be appreciated :-) Thx!

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I had the same problem with a ford taurus and found the problem to be a very small pin hole in the expansion tank that was squirting out fluid a little at a time. Have you noticed any fluid leaking out onto the ground or somewhere inside the engine compartment? Was the radiator cap pressure tested?
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jeff67's comments are one possibility. others are, a leaking heater core or a blown head gasket causing the engine to burn the coolant out the tailpipe. Another possibility is he just didn't put enough effort into it to find the leak.
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Thanks for replying guys!

I don't see any liquid on the ground or anywhere else... I bought the thick oil-I bought from wal mart-supposed to stop a small leak (i dunno wut i called, sorry) but it didn't seem to work either.

I'll have to check on Deci's comment..although I don't know what it means yet--cuz I have no idea which part is which...

Thanks agian tho, I still have some coolant left..if I don't see anything, I'll have to keep filling it up
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If you don't know the differance between a heater core and headgasket you will need help in person most likely.Take your car to someone whom will promise a proper cooling system evaluation.Your water pump may be seeping once in a while so they should look for coolant stains.Then post back with the findings as we will try to help.

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