Car hesitates / stalls


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Car hesitates / stalls

I have an Isuzu Rodeo 1993 , v6 SOHC , the car started hesitating and stalling , it lost pretty much all power , I checked my spark plugs, removed them 1 by 1 , 5 plugs were oil fouled , they looked black with oil.

The problem started after i cleanred the throttle body with carb cleaner, I don't know what to do, i bought a new set of sparks and and put them but the problem is still there

Please help!!!
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That's most likely fuel and not oil. Recheck your work when cleaning the throttle body and see if you left a hose off there somewhere, possibly of the snorkel. Make sure you plugged everything back in electrical also.
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When you cleaned the throttle body did you do anything to the air flow sensor as well. Cleaning a MAF can actually damage it and a bad MAF can cause the symptons you have. Try unplugging it and then crank the car (the check engine light will come on) and see if it runs better that way. It's not 100% conclusive but if it does run better you probably have a bad air flow sensor.


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