how can i learn about auto repair?

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how can i learn about auto repair?

if i want to be able to fix cars on my own, is there a training guide or textbook that covers basic repair for automobiles just as there is a A+ certification textbook for fixing computers?


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Check your local library; you should find a selection of car repair books aimed at varying levels of expertise. You might also check your local book stores for books in the "for Dummies" or "for Idiots" series [no insults intended!].
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lol thanks. i will check it out.
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The auto repair manual by Hanes I find to be a big help cause they tell you as well as show pics of how it should look. Chilton is a little too technical for my experence, and the pics aren't as good. Beware thou, cause they tell you its only 8 steps to taking an engine out,,,,,,,,,,,,and we both know its not the number of steps, its what you do in each step. Good luck
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thank you!
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There are 2 talents you have to master. One is the handling of tools and how to use wrenches with breaking your knuckles open or being clumsy with them. The other is you have to learn the theory behind things, not just how to change them or remember what was wrong last time. The theory enables you to think things out in any situation. I hope you paid attention in school because you'll need a lot of theories you learned including electrical properties and circuits including Ohms law, mechanical advantage, hydraulic pressures and how that works and then you have to be 90%

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