93 Hyundai Scoupe Auto Trans Problem


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93 Hyundai Scoupe Auto Trans Problem

I have a transmission problem I can not solve. When I first drive the car for the first time every day, the transmission works great. After I have been running it for 10 or 15 miles, put it in park, then put it in drive, it won't go into drive unless I throttle up about 100 rpm, then it bangs in. It has no problem going into reverse, just drive. Could this be an overheating issue?
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Sounds like a worn seal or oil pump to me.Best bet would be let a trans shop drive it and advise you.
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Sounds like an old hardened clutch piston seal that is leaking. With the vehicle being 11 years old, I am willing to bet on it.
Sounds like its about due for an overhaul.

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I thought I would give this a try. I hooked up an external trnasmission cooler and bypassed the radiator cooler. I noticed when I unhooked the transmission lines, the return line was dry. No sign of any fluid in the hose or down in the transmission. I hooked up the new supply line and started the engine. No fluid came out until the transmission was put in drive or reverse. It don't pump when the trans is in neutral or park. Is that normal? Anyway, I checked the radiator tank to see if it or the old line was plugged. It had some resistence but finally fluid did come out. I hooked up the new lines, checked my fluid level and took it for a run. The transmission shifted smoothly even when it was hot. I checked the lines and both were hot. I noticed one time as I was coming to a stop, the transmission came out of gear then slipped smoothly back into gear. After the transmission was heated up good, I took it out of drive, put it in park, then back into drive, but it wouldn't go. I raised the rpm up about 50 and it smoothly went in. Whats this sound like. Pump weak?

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