Steering Wheel Shake!


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Steering Wheel Shake!

I have a 99 Chevy Prizm that whenever I hit the brakes the steering wheel shakes violently and the whole car vibrates, the brakes aren't sqeaking yet so I think the pads are ok. What is causing this? Also, whenever I take off at a light or stop sign the car sputters, if I turn off the a/c it goes just fine, what is causing this?
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Shaking is due to warped front brake rotors. Someone else will have to chime in on the other problem, will likely require more info.
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Try this to check the A/C problem. With the car idling in neutral, switch the A/C on and off. The engine shouuld slow slightly then recover to it's normal idle speed when the A/C is switched on. If it does not recover, you could have a bad A/C control relay or electronic control module.
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RE: Your Brake Problem

I had a similar problem when breaking. Replaced the front rotors and breaks and the problem DID go away. Changing the rotors is easy, but expensive if a dealer does it.
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It sounds like you have a weak ignition try a tune up for your sputter problem
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Originally Posted by jjoe
It sounds like you have a weak ignition try a tune up for your sputter problem
Don't throw parts at it unless you have confirmation that it actually needs them. You need to find out exactly what is happening at this moment when you turn the A/C on. Obviously the A/C is not to blame, it's simply adding more load to an engine that already has a problem. What I mean is you need to find out if a specific cylinder is dropping out or the engine is starving for fuel or whatever may be happening.

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