'95 Chevy P/U - No Starty


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'95 Chevy P/U - No Starty

...Wanting to run this past the experts so I dont overlook anything I could be missin'....

My vehicle is the following:

'95 Chevy C/K1500 Pickup, "Cheyenne" base model, 1/2 ton regular cab
4.3L V-6 engine, P/S, A/C
5-Speed manual transmission
137K miles
Fairly new (4 months) big'ol Diehard battery
...essentially the base model baby, roll-your-own windows and no power nuthin'. But I love her madly.

Anyway.....after driving home a couple of nights ago, about 25 miles through an extremely fierce thunderstorm with heavy rain, the next morning she won't start. Acts like a dead battery, turn the key and her the "clank" of the starter solenoid. Voltmeter on the dash showed about 11 volts if I read the marks right, drops a couple notches when the key is turned. Jumped her, no difference..."clunk".

I looked for anything left on, like headlights, etc.....everything was fine, only thing of note was that I shut down with the windshield wipers on "intermittent" setting. Shouldn't be a big deal there.

After charging the battery a bit just to be sure, it shows about 13 volts on the gauge, and when I turn the key, and get the "CLICK" up front from what I assume to be the starter solenoid, the voltage drops down to about 11, so there seems to be a healthy amount of current draw.

Is it safe to assume then that the starter solenoid is working and doing its job, and that the starter motor is the strongest suspect in this case?

In the meantime, I am driving my beater '94 Isuzu pickup truck that y'all (tip o'the hat to Desi501) helped me figure out how to fix the A/C blower motor...which is NICE to have here in the East during summer....so thanks very much and all input would be welcome to get lil' sweet pea started again!

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Put a socket on the crank pulley and see if you can turn it 2 revolutions if you can I would feel it's the starter.This assumes you charged your battery properly and the connections at the battery,engine block and starter are clean and tight.
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Davo's right on...................

Make sure you check your battery cables right down to the engine, both of them.
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Thanks gents!

Stoopid question if I may.....the battery cables would be the original equipment and is it true that they can be corroded internally in a way that you can't tell by looking?

If so, any tips on how to check for that (aside from cutting the cable to see the core as I saw on a TV show)....seemed a moot point, having to replace the cable after cutting it in two anyways.

I can test for continuity but that may not show the full load capacity right?

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