'99 Mazda Protogege


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'99 Mazda Protogege

My Wife has a 99 Mazda Protogege, which I recently took in for service to the dealership when the service engine light came on. According to the mechanic, the Fuel Filter was clogged and he had cleaned it out, and the light may come back on, but it would go off shortly. Well, The light has come back on and stayed on, except for a few occasions where it was a shorter trip. Being as how the light has never really gone off, including when I left the dealership, am I being imprudent by suggesting that the dealership didn't actually fix anything and should correct the problem out of their pocket (they've already charged me $400 to do the a diagnostic and clean the filter out)?

Thanks for the input
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I could be wrong, but I dont think the fuel filter is a cleanable item. Replacement only.

Since you have a service engine light on, try going to your local Autozone and having the codes read for free. Dont buy anything or let them work on it. Post the codes here and then we can get an idea of whats going on.

$400 sounds a little steep for a diagnostic and 'filter clean'.

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