Infiniti I30 -- in-cabin air filter, compass


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Question Infiniti I30 -- in-cabin air filter, compass

I have 2 questions about a 2001 Infiniti I30. 1) How do I change the "in-cabin air filter"? I've been told its behind the glovebox, but not sure how its accessible. 2) The compass is stuck on East. I have no clue where the actual compass is, whether its in the interior mirror itself, or if it is actually somewhere else and just displays there. Much less how to fix it. Can anyone provide any guidance on either question?
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The cabin air filters on Nissan/Infiniti are not very dificult. Mainly because the glove box comes out so easily. There are a couple of screws on the bottom that you can get to with the glove box shut and then a few more inside on the sides and at the top latch. Once these screws are out just pull the glove box out enough to unplug the light and then remove completely. Just behind that there will be an "access door" in the air box. Pull it open and out come the filters. I think there are actually two filters but I am not sure about that.

As for the compass I really can't help you much there. Just make sure you don't have any magnets attached to you car...such as the door signs, ski racks that are held on with magnets etc.

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Thanks Johnny. You're right about the filters -- there are two and it was pretty simple. The filters were expensive though ($50+). Extremely few repairs on this car, but the maintenance part prices are killer.

Don't suppose you could tell me how to change the incabin filter on a 2000 Volvo S70? My wife's now decided her car needs it too (probably right, but don't tell her I said it ) and I can't find a manual for it.

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