Running lights flickering


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Running lights flickering

I bought a 2004 Chevy Cavalier. It was pointed out to me by someone in another vehicle that our driver's side running light was dimming and getting brighter. Do running lights use the same bulb as your high/low beams? I had my low beams on early yesterday morning and they did not dim and get brighter at any time. What could be causing my running lights to do this but not my high/low beams? And what should I be looking for to rectify this problem?
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Did you check it while it was driving or just when it was sitting still? Chances are pretty good that if you hadnt noticed it before while you were driving it, then you wont notice it now while driving. Have someone drive in front of you and check.

And yes, they are the same bulb for the running light and high/low.
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If only one lamp is dimming it may indicate a problem with the drl circuit or ground for that lamp.The vehicle is under warranty let the dealer see what it's doing instead of wondering about it.

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