Electrical Problem on 76 Celica


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Electrical Problem on 76 Celica

We were trying to jump started the battery on my celica and the cables got put on backwords and nobody relized it and they sat there for awhile and fried some of the wireing.....I was wondering where to start trying to fix it.
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You'll have to start by replacing all fried wiring with the battery disconnected. If you replace any wire with a different color wire than what was original, label the wire with what the original color was to ease future troubleshooting. (Hopefully there is still some insulation left to determine the color) Replace any wires that have any insulation burned off, or at least wrap electrical tape on any bare spots. Check all fuses.

Make sure there isn't a short between ground and the positive battery cable before hooking up a new battery.

Then you'll have to try and start the car and see what happens and go from there. There is no telling what components could have been damaged at this point.
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On the bright side, at that age you won't have to deal with a computer, fuel injection, or electonic ignition. You could run into some serious money if you had made that mistake on a late model car.

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