1977 Dodge Pickup Carb or Fuel Pump


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1977 Dodge Pickup Carb or Fuel Pump

Ive got a 1977 Dodge Pickup 318 motor automatic . Its always been diffcult to start but once the motor has warmed up it always restarts easily. This is my problem after driving and the motor is warmed up when I turn it off and go back to restart it will start fine run for about 5 seconds and die then it will not start again unless I spray it with starting fluid and then will only start for a second. I kept fooling with it spraying it with starting fluid and moving the choke and finally got it restarted and drove it but the same thing happens again when I turn it off. Its seems to me that it is not getting fuel because the starting fluid will start it until it burns up. I would think it was the fuel pump but I have driven it without problems until I turn the motor off. I have changed the inline gas filter and it did not help. Do you think this is a carb problem or a fuel pump on the blink? I would think it might be the carb but I cleaned it and it seems to run fine once it has started. Thanks for any advise or anything I can try to figure out what is wrong with it.
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I think you need to take a look at the accelerator pump in the carb. I think it's time for a carb rebuild.

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