1991 Mazda AC TROUBLE


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1991 Mazda AC TROUBLE

Hi got a 1991 Mazda 626 LX that has AC TROUBLE blowing out hot air put new compressor own still hot air AC TECH said it was some kind of switch under dash would have to take out dash.
The name of the part he gave, called parts house they said they never heard of it,, now i have forgotten the part name he gave but no matter parts house said they never heard of it.
Doea anyone know anything about this type of trouble
Thanks Blackie
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Almost ANY type of A/C failure always has the same symptoms, hot air. It's impossible to tell you what is wrong without "hands on" information as attained by a knowledgeable tech such as pressures, line temps and many other observations.
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The part is most likely a dealer only part or used which is why the parts house never heard of it or you talked to someone whom doesn't know anything.That could be the so called a/c tech or the counter person at the auto parts store.We will never know if you can't remember the part name maybe you could ask the a/c tech again.
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how serious are you about fixing your A/C

Hey Blackie
More info is needed to even begin to help you with your problem.There are no magical parts on automotive systems,things -parts do basic operations like open or close heater controls open or close or blend vents,turn on are off compressor clutch's.Then there are the switches that protect the system,like high - low pressure switches,cycle swithes etc.I would advise you to ask around and take your car to a reliable repair shop.

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