blower only works on 2 settings


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blower only works on 2 settings

I have a 2000 Pontiac Gran Prix. It was my wifes company car, then we purchased it. Ever since I started driving it, the blower only work on positions 3-5. It didn't work at setting 1 or 2. Well now, 3 doesn't work either. I assume this is a bad switch. If so, does anyone know if I can just replace the blower switch, or do you have to replace the whole assembly (switch , temp control, air location selector switch??) They are all together in the dash, but I haven's taken the front panel off to see if the blower switch can be changed by itself. I am not sure how to get the cover off??

Of course my wife doesn't know anything about it not working properly when she had the car??

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Don't assume it's a switch problem. It is much more likely to be a resister problem. The resister is in the air box between the blower motor and the evaporator. It is responsible for the actual speed changes by varying resistance in the ground path. Remove the plug and use a "ground" test light light and be sure to ground move to a different wire with each speed change at the switch.
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AC not working on all speeds

sorry, been away for awhile. I assumed that the switch was a variable resistor? How do I get to the plug that I need. I have tried to get a Haynes manual for my car, but they don't make one yet? So I don't know anything about the wiring and have no schematic. You said in the air box? Not exactly sure where to begin. Do I need to take the dash apart, or can I get to this from underneath the dash?


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Check under the hood first. On some G.M. cars the blower can be on the engine side of the firewall (passenger side). If you can see it, then look for a plug in connector, probably just to the left of the blower. The fixed portion will held to the blower housing by several screws. Disconnect the plug, remove the screws, and you should have the blower resistor in your hand.
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It is located under the dash on the right side beside the blower motor.
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davo is correct...

...drop the hush panel on the right side and disconnect the resistor which is next to the blower motor. remove the two 7mm screws in the resistor and take it out and look at it. when they go bad, it's pretty obvious, the "tracks" on the printed circuit board burn up.

ps...this is a pretty common failure on those vehicles

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