Read your owners manual!


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Read your owners manual!

It seems over the last few weeks I have been getting several customers with comlpaints that could have been resolved by reading there owners manual. Some other complaints have just been plain funny and it is hard to wonder how they could not figure it out on there own. Here are some examples...hope you find them as funny as me.

Complaint: Passenger's window only works from driver's door contoller.
Diagnosis: Window lock is on.

Complaint: Left rear door does not open from the inside.
Diagnosis: Child safety lock is on.

Complaint: Air conditioning started blowing warm last week.
Diagnosis: Vehicle does not have air conditioning.

Complaint: Car died while driving and would not restart.
Diagnosis: Car is out of gas.

Complaint: Car stalls every time customer comes to a stop.
Diagnosis: Move seat up so that clutch pedal can be pushed all the way in. (really short customer)

Complaint: Installed new battery but car will still not crank.
Diagnosis: Remove plastic cap off battery post before connecting cable.

All of these have actually happened.

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LOL...those are great! Just wait till they come back with a strange noise when driving (flat tire).
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How about "Car won't crank"
Diagnosis: Gearshift was left in "Drive" when last parked.

Been to quite a few jumpstart calls and found that one.

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