'91 prelude question


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'91 prelude question

hello, anyone out there able to advise as to weather or not i should attempt replacement of the brakes (front) on my wifes '91 prelude? any special tools needed? etc.. i am way mechanically inclined, have a zillion tools, but i'm beginning to value my time a bit more than i used to. i've done brake jobs on older rigs. is this more complicated to get it right and will i spend too much time in the old learning curve? thanx
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its pretty straight forward. I would suggest to torque the caliper bolts & lug nuts to specs. Dont forget to lube the sliders. I hope this helps. Keep me posted.

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Assuming it's similar to other Hondas and Acuras...

... then it's a piston-type setup, so you can use a clamp to compress the piston. This means you'll need to open the brake fluid reservoir and remove some fluid, because as you compress the piston you'll drive fluid back into the reservoir. If you don't remove some fluid beforehand the brake fluid reservoir will overflow, and since it's caustic stuff it can cause problems.

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