Ticking noise when deccelerating from highway speeds

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Ticking noise when deccelerating from highway speeds

1998 Subaru Forester S, automatic with 66, 000 miles. When I'm on the highway going 55 or higher and I let go of the gas, there's a ticking noise that eventually fades away as the speed bleeds off to 50mph or below (from the engine bay). What could be causing it? A loose cam chain tensioner? It only happens on decceleration and only at highway speeds.

thanks in advance
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Maybe the timing belt is slapping the cover.I doubt it but anything is possible.Could you describe the noise in more detail?Is the a/c on when it happens?Is the noise metallic or muffled?Etc.
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subaru boy
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Thanks for replying. It's more of a light rattling noise metallic in nature that occurs at those speeds. It doesn't matter if a/c is on or not as it rattles above 60 then goes away when it's at a lower speed. I've eliminated anything physically loose such as the cowl underneath or the grille. It sounds more metallic in nature as well rather than something caught in the wind. It's frequency seems to go in hand with the engine as it's rattling at a higher rate when coasting down from 70 and settles down to a slower rattle as the speed comes down. The timing belt was replaced at its service interval. This noise was present before the timing belt change but now it seems more louder and the range of speeds where you can hear it. What other chain could it be? Is there a cam chain in these or only the timing belt and belts that run the a/c and water pump? Those belts are tight and they don't squeal like when they are worn out.

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