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Question DC Inspection

It is time for my DC inspection. DC is death on emmisions.

I own a 1990 Caddi Seville 4.5L V8 133,mi very good condition only thing theres a very light miss that can somtimes be felt while idleing at stop lights.
Also theres a rattle under the center that is heard only when at a standstill. I was told by Menike Mufflers the rattle was the cataltic converter. I had it replaced by Menike a year ago and now it's back, somtimes it rattles and somtimes you hear nothing, but when it rattles it rattles, only when at standstills but loud enough for the inspectors to notice.

Since I have taken great care of my automoble, but i have found out that the make of the car decides the cost of the repair. I don't have $350.00 at this time for a tune up, I love my automoble and I am not running from the responsibility of the up keep. From what has been decribed do you think this will stop me from passing Inspection, are there any suggestions. One last thing Wash,DC is very humid, that mixed with the age of my seville has cause the Interior cloth headliner to completly hang to where it is resting on my head as I drive, can I fix this myself an how?
Appreciated, Thank you
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Have the car tested and report your pass/fail findings.Don't automatically assume you will fail that's very negative thinking.I believe it is mandated by the epa that you reciever 1 free retest to see if you made the repairs to be in compliance with the emission laws.So if you fail we will attempt to help you fix it.If you fail post all the gas readings not just the failed one/ones.By the way it goes by year of car not make of car for emission testing.

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