Need help with my camaro!


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Need help with my camaro!

Hello all. My name is Tim. My 1995 Z-28 camaro is really irritating me. I am having a very intermitent problem where my fuel and or spark? shuts of while im driving. IT onlyhappens when th car is at operating temperature and after i hvae been driving for around 15-20 miuntes. It often backfires but after i turn the car off, it generally starts right back up. The second i accelerate and try to shift, the car loses either fuel or spark completely, or at least that is my guess.
please help!

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I'm guessing it could be an ignition module problem, or the coil. I don't know if this is legal, but search for and log on there. There are people over there who know Camaros and Firebirds from bumper to bumper.
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Regardless of how well anybody may know a car, you need to determine just what you are losing between spark, injecter pulse and fuel pressure or any combination. Once you know that, then you can start guessing at probable possibilities. Nobody should ever just throw parts at a car without any clue as to what system is failing.
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I think you need to drive the car with a fuel pressure guage taped to the windshield.A helper may come in handy to watch the guage to see if the pressure drops during the failure.When was the last time this car saw a fuel filter and regular ignition system maintenance ?
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actually i taped a guage to the windsheild and when the car quit, i still had about 50 psi. The fuel filter is ofcourse the first thing i checked and it was perfectly fine. I got a tip that it might me my opti spark but not sure yet. thanks for the help guys. keep the ideas coming.

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I'm a mopar guy but all my friends are chevy guys and i see more camaros then anything. They are fun and fast when tuned right but are NOTORIOUS for crappy fuel pumps. It should be an electric fuel pump which sometimes shorts out or overheats. If it backfires in high RPM your timing is just real retarded but it shouldn't back fire while your driving, if it does it while your driving its gotta be wires or coil. good luck.

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