What isnt wrong with this car?!?!?!?!


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What isnt wrong with this car?!?!?!?!

I just recently bought (ok -after all the repairs it will be free) a 95 Mercury Cougar XR-7, V6, 133,000 miles (now 137,000) about 3 weeks ago. It originally ran REALLY bad...the car stalled on me, the transmission was acting up, the car wouldnt go properly when it was cold, etc. I've since taken it in to the shop about 7 times since I got it and following is a list of problems/solutions:

-Had diagnostics run on it and was told it had a bad 02 sensor, EGR
-Transmission wouldnt shift properly when in drive and would take about 10 seconds to go from reverse to drive...turns out I was out of transmission fluid due to a leak that was caused by a very loose something (not sure what) but it has since been corrected and I think the transmission is ok now.
-Car does not go when you hit the gas when the car is cold...you basically have to floor it for it to do anything and it acts like it will stall...once the car is warmed up its ok...the mechanic has replaced the PCV valve, fuel filter, spark plugs (who puts the wrong spark plugs on a car?), had the fuel injectors cleaned (3 were clogged)...the check engine light is on but my mechanic says he cant properly diagnose and i need to take it to the dealer...i dont know if the two problems are intertwined but it sure seems awfully coincidental...
-Now the oil pressure is dropping when the car is hot...it will go back up when the car cools off....but i do a LOT of driving (140 miles a day) and the check oil light has come on about 3 times.

I am posting out of desperation...no one seems to know what is wrong with this car and I am extremely frustrated as it seems that the person that had the car before me performed no maintenance...PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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To me it just sounds like you got a car that has been used hard. 133,000 miles is a good amount and if the previous owner/s never bothered with maintaining it, it is just inevitable things are going to go wrong.

As far as the oil pressure goes, probably be a good idea to have your mechanic check it out with a mechanical gauge. If the oil pressure is really low, could be that the bearings are shot.

That is very likely on a engine with 133k and a complete lack of maintaince.
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