Tank Won't Take Fuel


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Question Tank Won't Take Fuel

My Volvo 2001 V70 XC has developed a serious problem. After parking my car at my parents' home for about 10 days while I was out of the country, I find that I can't get it to accept fuel. The first time I tried to fill it up, the pump kept shutting off as if the tank were full (the low fuel light was on). I was able to dribble about 1/4 tankful into it, but I stopped trying in frustration, assuming there was a problem with the service station pump. Well yesterday my wife had the same problem. The gauge shows nearly empty but the filler nozzle keeps shutting off and spitting gas. The car has suffered no physical damage, no work has been done on it since a brake job 6 weeks ago. Anyone have any ideas as to what my problem might be? I looked behind the rear tire, and there is no damage to the tire well in the area of the filler tube. Help, Help.
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Maybe you had a visit from a mouse and have a chewed off wire and the tank is full.Maybe the evap vent valve is stuck closed and the tank can't vent while filling the tank.Have you called Vovo in the event there is a problem with this that may be covered under warranty?
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Update: At 93,000+ miles, the vehicle is out of warranty, or a trip to the dealer would have been my first action. Last night I decided to try once more and determine what the problem might be. I drove to the gas station with a mini-light. I held open the flapper and shined the light down the nozzle as far as it would illuminate and was unable to see anything untoward, so I stuck the filler nozzle down her throat and began fuling. It took a full tank of gas and did not shut off till it was full. It was a relief, but I still don't know what was wrong. The only thing that I can say for sure is that the gas gauge is OK, but what caused the problem in the first place? What should I do if it occurs again?
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I assume you tried diffrent gas stations is this correct?Maybe the pumps at that one gas station are bad.
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All three attempts were at different pumps at the same station.
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Keep and eye on the milage per tank so you know when you should be low. Maybe the sensing unit is going bad. Do you use cheap gas at cheap stations? Maybe all the pumps at the cheap station were going bad.

When filling up and the pump shut off, was the tank really full? Keep a spare gallon in the trunk in case you run out of fuel.

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I would go with Davo, #2 response, and check the wiring. The car sat for 10 days. If a mouse did chew on a wire, that wire could have been sitting against the frame and grounding out, giving you the indication that you needed gas. If you tried to fill gas and the tank was already full......
My next question would be, how far did you drive after that until the tank did take fuel and how much fuel did it take? Was the amount consistant with the mileage driven?
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Just a shot but when my tank gets really empty it will shut off just as you describe when I try to fill it with gas if I push the gas nozzle all the way into my filler tube. Probably air or something kicking it back. What I do is pull the nozzle out a bit and not squeeze the handle all the way so the gas doesn't flow as fast for a bit then I can push it all the way in and works okay.

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