Dodge Durango computer problem.


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Dodge Durango computer problem.

I have a 1999 Dodge Durango, 5.9 liter. Latest problem: it will go dead with no warning. The message "NO BUS" shows on the odometer. I can pour a gallon of water on the PCM to cool it off and it starts up and runs for a while. This does not occur in the cooler part of the morning or later at night, even at full operating temperature. The vehicle overheats during extended in-town driving. Also, the ABS and BRAKE warning lights stay lit.

Took it to the local Dodge dealer. After a few tries, they finally decided that the PCM needs to be replaced.

My questions are: Can the PCM be replaced with a salvaged unit (I am told they are VIN-specific)? Can a salvaged unit be reprogrammed for my VIN? Will the vehicle operate properly with a salvage unit which has not been reprogrammed?

Any alternatives and advice would be very much appreciated.

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a salvage unit...

...cannot be reprogrammed nor will your vehicle run at all with a salvage unit. bite the bullet, buy a reman controller and have it programmed with the correct vin. to the best of my knowledge, the DRB III and Daimler-Chrysler's new scan tool are the only ones that will do the vin thing. this leaves you with the dealer and a shop that happens to own a DRB III. probably not to many of those around unless you live in a metropolitan area. even then, i doubt you'd save much.
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I agree, your married to the dealer on that one.

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