86 Celebrity won't start when hot

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86 Celebrity won't start when hot

Over 360,000 km on this baby but it keeps rolling, so we keep using it. Trouble is, when it's warmed up then turned off and left for 10-20 minutes (like when I'm in a store), it has no spark and soon gets really slow at turning over. The battery is fairly new and the lights don't dim much when it's turning so slowly.

Leave it for a few minutes and it starts right up and stays on.

It also can stall when it's stuck in traffic and getting too hot. Same solution... let it cool down.

I thought I had the solution when I read about similar problems being caused by a crank position sensor. But this car has a distributor and does not need a CPS.

I know it could be the module in the distributor, but to know that you've got to buy a new one. Any other ideas?

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sounds like two different problems...

...an engine, hot or cold, has a minimum rpm threshold to start properly and a starter that's crapping out from age could be the cause of both problems. how do you know for sure that is loses spark when it won't start? the starter could also be dragging the system voltage down enough during cranking that the ignition module and controller won't operate. ALL good electrical diagnosis starts with the battery. even tho it's "fairly" new, having it tested would be wise. you nmeed to know what the cranking voltage is at the battery when the problem occurs.

for the record (and assuming it has an ignition problem) it does have a pick-up coil which provides the same information as a crank sensor. the modules' job is to turn the coil on and off at the right time according to the signal from the pick-up and any adjustments in timing provided by the engine controller. if you are getting an injector pulse while cranking, the problem isn't the pick up as it's also the signal to the controller used for injection.

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