Brake Problems with a 1992 GMC Yukon

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Brake Problems with a 1992 GMC Yukon

I am experiencing the following problem with my 1992 GMC Yukon (162,000 miles).

While driving, both the brake and ABS indicators lit up on my dashboard. I would pump my brakes and the pedal would go to it's usual stop point, a split second later it would continue down towards the floor. I replaced the master cylinder and bled the back and front brakes. This resulted in more stability when I apply the brakes although they are still not 100%. Both the brake and ABS indicators remain lit and it appears that my ABS is not working altogether. Did I replace the wrong part or is there something that needs to be reset or adjusted (and can I do it myself)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Tino Vieitez
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ABS and brake lights

those lights are telling you possibly several things.the best thing is to take it to a competent technician and have it scanned. sounds like you had two problems to start with...a hydraulic one (the brake pedal fading) which was caused by the master cylinder going bad...AND an ABS problem (which needs to be scanned to determine).

it's also possible that you introduced air to the brake controller (EHCU) unless you bench bled the master very well...even then it takes some luck to NOT get air in the system. this is the second reason for having it scanned...the scan tool can perform a "function test" which is the ONLY way to move air trapped in one of those EHCU's. you copuld spend hours of time and gallons of brake fluid and following the factory procedure and still not get the air out.

take it to someone and get the codes (this addresses the lights) and a function test performed and then rebleed the system to get the pedal feel back to normal.

PS...misadjusted rear brakes can also lower the pedal (increase travel)

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