Toyota Camry stalls.


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Toyota Camry stalls.

Hi. Here is the deal. 1987 Toyota Camry. 224,000 miles. Intermittent problem. On occasion the car doesn"t want to start. Some times when it does start I have to hold the throttle down a bit to keep it running. When this happens it blows out black smoke. On other occasions it will act like it is running out of fuel while driving it. It will temporarilly kick out of overdrive and stutter for a second or two, then start running normal again. I finally got the computer to spit out an error code. I have a Haynes manual and the code says the problem lies with the "intake air temp sensor". Problem is, the manual does not tell me where this sensor is. I called Autozone for a price on this part and they don't have it listed for a '87. Does anyone know what/where this part is? Any other suggestions on what might be causing this problem would be much appreciated.

P.S I have added 1 bottle each of injector cleaner and dry gas to the fuel. No help

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This is a wild guess, but the intake air sensor MIGHT be in the air cleaner housing. Look and see if there isn't something sticking out of the housing with wires attached.
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The air temp sensor is part of the Airflow meter. That sensors not going to cause your problem.

What was the code number?
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The code was 2 flashes, a pause, 4 flashes.

Update: The local Toyota parts dept said that more than likely it would be the "cold start injector time switch" which is nothing more than a glorified water temp sensor (thermistor) , to the tune of $141.00 new. I did the resistance check, per the Haynes manual, and it was slightly out of tolerance. Being the cheap skate that I am, I went to a local salvage yard, found one that was in tolerance for $2.00 and installed it. Problem is still there.


PS... I have also metered the air flow meter. It passed the "on vehicle check" but the bench check was a bit out of tolerance. Resitance was good untill the last 1/8th inch movement of the vane. The way I see it, I would have to be near red line for the vane to open completely, so I don't suspect that part.

Thanks for the replies, guys.


Q2WF junkie.

Edit: One more thing I failed to mention. I have not seen the "check engine" light come on durring this problem.

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I would check and monitor the water temp sw voltage when it acts up.

Should be about 2 volts cold at 32* and .3-.5 volts at 190*.

You going to see 3-4 volts when it acts up.
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Water temp switch as in the one thats located next to the cold start injector time switch?

I just went out and tried to start her. Took some coaxing to accomplish this. Seems the problem is getting worse. While it is missing I smell a slight sulfer smell from all the smoke. One thought, could this be the fuel filter clogging or the fuel pump failing? My '90 GMC van had a fuel pump go out, and while I was coaxing it home durring it's death I smelled a slight sulfer smell.

Also, after I had trouble trying to start it (the Toyota) the last time, I got no code from the ECU, as in steady flashes.


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Hook up a fuel pressure gage to verify fuel pressure....That water temp sw will not set a code only if open or shorted.
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It turns out my catalytic converter was clogged. Many thanks for the suggestions, guys.

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