1997 Buick Skylark ETS OFF

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Lightbulb 1997 Buick Skylark ETS OFF

Enhanced Tracking System (ETS) for '97 Buick Skylark


I need some information about the ETS on a 1997 Buick Skylark, 4 cyl. "ETS off" is constantly lit on the dash along with Check Engine Light. I took it to AutoZone and the codes that came up (140 or 141 I believe??) said the O2 sensor was bad. What do I do now? What damage is it doing to my car? What could happen if I don't have it fixed right away and what would fixing it entail?

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Electronic Traction Control will not work with current and certain history codes in the powertrain computer.If the #s you gave me are correct the O2 sensor behind the convertor is likely bad.It's easy to change and fairly cheap so fix it.Be advised that Autozone did not read the abs codes so the ets light may stay on even after the c e light is off.
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97 Buick Skylark - Check Engine & Ets Off Lights

I Have The Same Problem ... The Check Engine Light Came On At The Same Time The Ets Off Light Did. Anybody Know What I Should Do? I Appreciate Any Help.
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have the vehicle scanned for codes for starters then will probably have to do some repairs depending on code or codes and then have the codes cleared and the lights should go off.

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